Monday, 16 December 2013

Gradient Nail Foil Transfers

Today, I've got another review for KKCenterHK!! But before I get to it, remember to join our small Nail Art giveaway!! There's still slightly over a week left till it ends.

I chose this "Galaxy Diamond" (according to the site) nail foil design, which is a super shiny gradient. It comes in a small plastic canister with a 150cm roll of nail foil. That's plenty of nail foil for many many uses. For this mani, I used only about 5 by 4cm of the roll.

You can of course apply the whole image to your nail like nail wraps, but I wanted to try something different so I tried to do a gradient at my tips. Doesn't really look much like a gradient but it still looks pretty!

You can apply the nail foils in a variety of manners. If you want to stick the whole image onto your nail like nail wraps, I suggest you use the special nail foil glue on the site because the adhesive is better. If you prefer the kind of effect I went for, any sort of tacky product will work! Here are some methods that work -

1) Orly Bonder Rubberised Basecoat (this is what I used). ONLY this basecoat will work because it dries tacky.
2) PVA Basecoat: you have to wait for it to dry completely, i.e. completely clear
3) Your base colour nail polish, WHILE STILL TACKY. This one is a bit tricky because you have to wait till the right time before the nail foil will stick. Too wet and the foil will rip off your nail polish. Too dry and it won't stick!
4) And of course, the provided nail foil glue

The nail foil design I chose has about 4 colours (pink, purple, teal and green) but I didn't use the green for my mani. I applied my Orly Bonder to the parts where I wanted the foil to stick, let dry and then dabbed on the pink first. Repeat for the rest of the colours. Basically you want to apply more adhesive before you apply the next colour. Another point to note is that the design should face up towards you when you apply. I got a bit confused the first time and kept facing it downwards -____- Seal off with a top coat and then you're done! Some say that a fast dry topcoat may shrink your foils but it worked fine with mine (probably cos I didn't do the full nail)

Hope you liked this mani and remember to use the discount code at KKCenterHK!


  1. Thank you! I have a foil set I still have to use, so I appreciate the tips on what to use as a base. Very helpful.

    1. You're welcome! Drop us a link if you try it! :)


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