Tea For Three: Sushi Cat Nails!

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Today I have a really exciting post! Tea For Three has just launched their super cute and unique nail stickers collection and I got to try them first hand!

The nail stickers are available in 6 super cute designs are priced between $5.50 to $6.50 each. Naturally, I chose the SUSHI CAT one (due to my insane obsession with cats). I also chose the Alice in Wonderland one which i'll post another day.

Unlike the usual water nail decals that I do, these work like ordinary temporary body tattoos. Basically you cut out the desired pattern, place it face down on your nail, apply water using a damp towel/tissue, remove the paper backing and voila, SUSHI CATS ON YOUR NAILS.

Like any other kind of nail art, practise makes perfect! This being my first time using this kind of nail stickers, I had a few failed attempts before this final product here. Here I some tips for any of you who purchase these nail stickers to try!

1) Cut as close around the image as possible. Too big and you may have difficulty sticking it on your nail!
2) Due to the small surface area and curvature of your nail, you really have to hold down the edges of the sticker as you are applying it to your nail. And I mean really HOLD DOWN THE EDGES.
3) Be patient! Do not remove the paper backing prematurely! Once you do that, it pretty much fails because the sticker is really delicate.
4) Remove the paper backing VERY SLOWLY!

Once you get the hang of it, it's really easy from there!

To make the images pop, it's recommended to use a light base colour (i'm using OPI Alpine Snow here). The sticker is really thin so just seal it off with a good top coat and you're good to go! You won't have to worry about the edges of the sticker peeling off and snagging on places.

Here's a close-up off all the sushi cats :P

Check out Tea For Three if you want to get these nail stickers. They also have a wide range of eclectic and fun clothing and accessories! You can also find them on these channels.

Hope you enjoyed this post and look out for my next post on more of their nail stickers!


  1. I actually laughed when I saw this nail design. This is so creative.

    1. Hhahaha sushi+cats are just so retarded :P


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